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“Play with your toys and your costumes”

After struggling with costume change yesterday, this morning I decide to just wear the thing and brave the walk to the convention. (Note to self – next time, get a hotel nearer the venue). It does feel a bit odd being out in public dressed like this – but it’s worth it when a little girl walking past with her mother looks at my costume and says “Wow!”

Today’s highlights include a Q&A with Boba Fett himself Jeremy Bulloch (very funny), fantasy author Charles de Lint reading from his as-yet-unpublished next novel, and a bubble workshop with the Jugglin’ Bubblers, featuring the biggest bubbles I’ve ever seen!

I also pay another visit to the vendors hall. Yesterday I managed to resist everything (apart from Arcane Angel), but today I have a proper look at the other stalls. There are a lot of lovely things on offer, from chocolate daleks to steampunk hats. Labyrinth seems to be a popular source of inspiration for Halifax artists, including:

The Quarrelsome Yeti  (alongside many weird and wonderful things with tentacles) has this cute print of Sir Didymus on his trusty steed.


An Oddity or Two  covers quite a variety of fandoms – for Labyrinth lovers, there are earrings (including Ambrosius and Didymus, Jareth and owl, and the door knockers),




a badge of everyone’s favourite worm,


and this Jareth magnet (currently adorning my fridge).

Badmouth Soap  makes ‘Soap for Filthy People’, including a number of soaps named for shows and singers – Direwolf, Tom Waits, Ziggy Stardust. They’ve also done one called Jareth.


It’s scented with cedarwood, fir balsam and lavender – not what usually comes to mind when I think of Jareth, but I guess really I should be relieved no-one’s tried to make a soap that smells like crystals and crotch…